What is APR?


APR is a harmonic pattern recognition software unlike every other scanner in the markets. APR can correctly identify "Impulsive moves" and it also gives you the ability to trade ANY harmonic pattern. On top of that, not only can you trade ANY patterns since APR is 100% customizable, but now you can Back Test any pattern, and use an EA for MT4 so it can trade automatically for you. Yes, I said it.. the first customizable EA for harmonics.

APR vs Conventional Scanners


Harmonic Pattern Recogntion softwares are a dime a dozen, you can find probably 5 of them on a forum after a 5 min google search. The problem is they are all really bad. What they do is set up a basic flagging system that identifies highs and lows and then draws from them, the thing is that every high and low in the market isn't where I want to draw my patterns from. I draw them from impulsive moves. I define those as the sore thumb legs that stick out because buying or selling pressure was extremely aggressive compared to previous legs in the chart. There was NO software out there that did this and allowed me the flexibility of changing the ratios for custom patterns. In the video above, I show you the difference of conventional scanners and APR .

Inside Look at APR

So this is one of my favorite parts of the software. Usually harmonic software's come with preset ratios, or they allow very minimal flexibility and sometimes the lack of flexibility doesn't allow you to trade the pattern you actually use!

Well, it's ok, you don't have to worry about that anymore. With APR you can change every ratio based on the OPEN,HIGH,LOW,CLOSE of each candle. Being able to adjust your pattern to such levels allows you to trade ANY pattern, and test profitability before dump any real money in the markets. Check out the video to see how it works in real time  

APR Results

"Ok so everything is really nice Daniel but does this actually make any money?" Yes, it does. To ease your mind a bit, I conducted some backtesting on two patterns. The results were amazing, except on one of the pairs. As you can assume, I don't trade that pair. However this can give you an idea about how this software will perform across the pairs. This backtesting was dated from
Jan 2010-June 2016. Backtesting doesn't mean future results will be identical, but it can give you an idea of how robust a trading system is, and what the average expectancy can be.   



  • Fully Customizable APR Indicator for MT4(NT7 coming soon)

  • Fully Customizable APR EA (Automated Trading for MT4)

  • APR Manual Testing EA (Allows You To Control The Speed Between 31-32 In Strategy Tester)

  • Ratios for (3) Profitable Patterns: Gartley, Cypher, Bat

  • 3 Lifetime Licenses

Take your Pattern Trading to the next level !

Start using the most advanced pattern recognition software currently out in the market and stop trading untested strategies which will only make you lose money

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